Quality Health Safety and Environment

Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE)

As a company, Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental issues take precedence in all areas of our operation. In order to ensure safe and incident-free operations, we adhere to the highest safety standards ensuring no work is too important to compromise safety. It is a core value that reinforces our culture of safe behaviour.

We are well placed to prioritise human factors, ensuring that the risk of workplace injury is as low as possible. We recognise that people are our most important asset and it is our responsibility to ensure that all personnel, whether working directly for us or on our behalf always have a safe place to work. We go further to instil these values such that each one of us embodies a safety inclined lifestyle which is also distilled down to our individual family living. We will continuously strive to promote a healthy living lifestyle albeit at home, at work or in play.

We are environmentally aware therefore we work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment through a sustainable environmental policy that guides our operation.

Furthermore, we will also comply with all applicable QHSSE laws, regulations and industry requirements related to our work activities in whichever country we operate in.


  1. Quality

    FEJUDAM SERVICES is totally committed to quality. Quality shall rank alongside schedule and cost as a primary objective. It is FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED’s goal that all individuals in every job function perform in accordance with requirements and are personally committed to the concept of doing their job right the first time – every time.

  2. Health Safety and Environment


    FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED operates a a fully integrated management system which is underpinned by H,S & E related procedures. Particular HS&E policies and procedures and the safety management system are outlined in the ‘Health, Safety and Environment Policy’.

    lt is the firm policy of the directors, management and all employees of FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED to conduct all work with full consideration of health, safety and the environment. FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED ensures that all employees are aware of, and conduct themselves and their work in accordance with company HS&E guidelines. Routine safety audits of the office are conducted and findings/actions reported to the Operations forum.

    The execution of all projects is conducted with the primary objective of producing a safe design. Consideration is given in all stages of design to the safety aspects of fabrication, installation and subsequent operation of the system. All detalled designs will be conducted incorporating sufficient safety requirements to achieve this.

    Safety Requirements
    The following typical requirements will be incorporated within a design to ensure that a system can be constructed, installed and operated throughout its design life safely:

    All statutory safety requirements and safety notices issued by the Regulatory Authorities.

    All client specific safety requirements.

    The design will allow the onshore fabrication and construction works to be performed safely with commercially available equipment and personnel.

    The design for offshore construction activities will take due account of performance/capacity of current vessels and equipment, the placement of anchors and mooring systems, likely vessel excursions and safe interaction with other offshore operations. No procedures will be specified that require personnel to contravene statutory safety regulations.

    The design will consider safe diving practice and limitations of diving personnel and equipment.

    The design will take full cognisance of all possible environmental loadings.

    The design shall take due account of potential explosion, fire and hazardous substances.

    The design shall include precautions against pressure surges, temperature effects, internal corrosion or erosion in normal operation or upset conditions.

    The design will include precautions against third party interactions, such as vessel collisions, impact from fishing gear and dropped object, where these are practicable.

    All facillties will be designed to be resistant to internal and external corrosion over the design life of the system.

    Redundancy will be incorporated in all safety systems and critical control systems to ensure safe operation in all identified hazardous conditions.

    For all detailed projects, the responsible engineer will prepare a ‘Safety Plan’. This document identifies key elements of the design which have significant bearing on safety and, by scheduling of each element, requires that the responsible engineer notes the documents to be produced which embody safety considerations. By phased completion of such scheduled elements, the responsible engineer is required to consider and reconsider the adequacy of the safety of the final design. The ‘Safety Plan’ is fully audited.

    FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED has had no lost time accidents or fatalities to date.

    FEJUDAM SERVICES LIMITED operates a standard accident reporting system within its offices.

    All employees are given a formal safety briefing as part of FEJUDAM SERVICES LTD’s ‘Induction Procedure’. Update briefings, memoranda, etc are given as required

    FEJUDAM Services Limited is a fully indegenious Nigerian company. FEJUDAM Services Limited specialises in Engineering, construction, procurement services the oil and gas and petrochemical industry in Nigeria and West Africa.


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