Welcome to Fejudam Services Limited

We offer integrated maritime services such as clearing, forwarding, shipping and offshore oil & gas services.

We possess the following;

  • Experienced and dynamic leadership
  • High sense of integrity
  • Professional competence and expertise in our field
  • Capacity and logistics for specialised services
  • Responsible and responsive support mechanism
  • Qualitative services that put our clients first
Professional Consulting

We are dedicated to build a long-term relationships based on trust and are focused on our clients success. Our consultants are seasoned & experienced in a variety of industries.

Focused Leadership

Responsible for planning, organising & setting standards and directing, so as to fine tune diverse interests and efforts involved, thereby ensuring sustainable growth.

Enduring & Reliable Structures

To ensure the roles and responsibilities are observed to conform with established standards for all attainment of our company’s goal and objectives.

Tested Procedural Framework

Aimed at ensuring that resources are properly and effectively developed and channeled towards the achievement of the company’s goal.

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We work in partnership with all the major upstream and downstream suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

    FEJUDAM Services Limited is a fully indegenious Nigerian company. FEJUDAM Services Limited specialises in Engineering, construction, procurement services the oil and gas and petrochemical industry in Nigeria and West Africa.


    2/4 Gloria Olisemeke Close Port Harcourt, Nigeria