Oil and Gas Services

Oil and Gas Services

Fejudam Services Limited is a fully indegenious Nigerian company. Fejudam Services Limited specialises in Engineering, construction, procurement services the oil and gas and petrochemical industry in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our strategic alliances include;

  • S.A Five Engineering PTY Limited.
  • ROPETEC inspection & Maintenance Access Specialists
  • DELBA Maritime Navegacao
  • Sam Kang Industries Co Ltd Korea


  1. Manpower Supply

    Fejudam Services provides Human Resources Services like recruitment, management of people, providing directions to our clients’ on organizational management and crewing management with database software support. We provide necessary tools, training, administrative services, coaching, legal and management advice, and talent management for organizational needs for successful operation adds a comprehensive and innovative approach to freight forwarding and movement. we ensure speedy movement of customers goods/ products with the highest level of care and security to achieve safe delivery and guarantee customers satisfaction.

    Fejudam takes care of all activities related to the recruitment and employment of the seconded personnel including:

    • Recruitment & Selection
    • Mobilisation
    • Visas & Work permits
    • Payroll, Expenses, Taxes, and Insurance
    • Employment contracts
    • Operational Support
    • Transport and Housing
    • Other support services
  2. Onshore/Offshore Oilfield Training Services

    Fejudam Services Limited offers wide range of training services and so is your one-stop-shop for diverse range of training services to ensure a safe and competent operating environment in the potentially hazardous oil and gas industry. All training courses and services can be customized to meet specific requirements of our clients, focusing on required content and learning outcomes to achieve client’s in-house objectives.

  3. Hazid and Hazop Administrative Implementation

    A hazard and operability (HAZOP) study is a design review technique used for hazard identification, and for the identification of design deficiencies which may give rise to operability problems. HAZOP is most commonly applied to systems which transfer or process hazardous substances or activities where the operations involved can be hazardous and the consequences of failure to control hazards may be significant in terms of damage to life, the environment or property. A HAZOP study is carried out using a structured approach by an experienced multi-discipline team, facilitated by a HAZOP leader.

    Our HAZOP Objectives

    • Identify hazards and operability issues associated with the design
    • Identify deviations from design intent, deviation causes, consequences, and safeguards
    • Provide an action list with due dates and identify appropriate person/discipline to progress the action to close out.

    The Hazard Identification (HAZID) study is a technique for early identification of hazards and threats and can be applied at the conceptual or detailed design stage. Early identification and assessment of hazards provides essential input to project development decisions at a time when a change of design has a minimal cost penalty. A HAZID study is carried out by an experienced multi-discipline team using a structured approach based on a checklist of potential hazards. Potential problems are highlighted for action outside the meeting. Typical process hazards are considered such as environmental, geographical, process, fire and explosion, health.

    Our HAZID Objectives

    • Identify hazards to the host facilities due to design, and evaluate potential consequences should the hazards be realized
    • Establish safeguards to manage hazards; identify areas where further understanding of safeguard effectiveness is needed
    • Make recommendations to reduce the likelihood of hazard occurrence or mitigate the potential consequences
  4. Inspection and Maintenance

    Our Inspection service is a personal one geared to your needs, but always with an emphasis on the highest level of reliability and safety to protect your interests, your assets and your business reputation.

    Fejudam has a team of qualified, certified and experienced inspection engineers. Together they have accumulated many years of professional experience, providing independent inspection services to the offshore and onshore oil, gas, petrochemicals, pipeline utility, energy and associated industries.

    Fejudam Inspection team monitors and assesses procedures and methods ensuring that quality parameters are adhered to. The methods are planned and developed with the objective of delivering total project support and integration, attaining high standards of management, equipment and process quality. Such assessments are often customised as per the clients’ needs and requirements.

    These service includes;

    • Third Party Inspection
    • QA/QC Consultancy
    • Acceptance Testing of Materials and Components
    • Expediting Services
    • Witness of Factory Acceptance Test and Site Commissioning Test

    Fejudam’s experience in operations, maintenance, and asset performance improvement helps Clients reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and increase the value of their existing assets in oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, mining, power and manufacturing industries. We fully manage and execute plant turnarounds, shutdowns and outages to reduce plant downtime and quickly return assets to full operating mode. Our maintenance services include not limited to;

    • Valve Maintenance and Testing
    • Heat Exchanger and ACCU Cleaning
    • Subsea Equipment Maintenance and Testing
  5. Procurement Services

    Fejudam is a key market player that sources competitively worldwide and provide support to our clients through the provision of dedicated procurement services. We are a market leader in the procurement and supply of MRO (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) equipment in the Oil & Gas industry.

    With keen perspective to our client’s cost portfolio we strive to maintain the process of obtaining materials and supplies at the best price reasonably available through open and fair competition for our clients. In fact, we are in collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and therefore able to supply various equipment at competitive prices.

    We supplement our client’s internal procurement departments and assist in a variety of tasks. These tasks include: strategic planning, implementing best practices, supplier rationalization and collaboration, strategic sourcing and negotiation. Our products include:

    • Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Automation Equipment Supply
    • Valves (Ball, Globe, Check, etc.)
    • Pipes, Fittings, Flanges and Gaskets
    • Gas Flow Meter and Detectors
    • Metering Skids
    • Subsea Equipments (HFL’s, Stabplates, ROV’s, etc.)
    • Bulk and Loose Materials
  6. Engineering and Technical Consultancy Services

    Fejudam  provides its clients with engineering and technical consultancy expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies and scope documents to design conceptualization, construction management and post-construction evaluations. Our objective is to provide integrated, client-driven consulting engineering and design solutions that help companies attain a competitive edge in the market.

    Our team of professionals has the best resources and proficiency in delivering fast and accurate results that ensure value addition at every stage of work, contributing to the project’s success.

    Engineering and Technical Consultancy comprises the following:

    • Pre – Engineering
    • Feasibility Studies
    • FEED Assessment
    • Basic Design and Review
  7. Project Management Services

    Effective Project Management is the key to managing change and innovation successfully in today’s rapidly evolving technology domains. PPNL has in-depth understanding of the concepts and techniques required to manage projects of any capacity and scale. Its experience across a wide range of industries encourages give-and-take of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques.

    Fejudam’s skills and services, coupled with its global reach across all markets gives it a distinct edge over others in project consulting. This service includes:

    • Complete Design Supervision
    • Project Supervision (Construction & Commissioning)
    • Full Specification and Document Control
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Risk Assessment/Management

    FEJUDAM Services Limited is a fully indegenious Nigerian company. FEJUDAM Services Limited specialises in Engineering, construction, procurement services the oil and gas and petrochemical industry in Nigeria and West Africa.


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